First: My Resolution in 2017

Hello and welcome to my first post in my blog!


Happy new year 2017!!!

A new year has come, fireworks, trumpet sounds, balloons, barbeque which is in my hometown we’re burning some corns and satay, filled up our new year night.  Particularly, we spent that with our special people like family, friends, neighbour, or maybe boyfriends/girlfriends ( but don’t ask me for that, #singlehappy). On the other hand, Some of you spent your new year night by yourself. Enjoy your time alone or Still getting busy.  just different ways. Yet it also times for evaluating what I have done before in last year, to think what I have through, which goals  I haven’t reached, literally I haven’t reached one yet. Learned from experience in the past. Soon, it makes me write up my resolution too for the new year 2017. Well, there are my eight resolutions, here some highlight.

  1. Become a morning person

I always wake up in the morning for praying but after that, I just go to sleep again. And currently, I’ve become less productive and got some aches in almost whole my body. You know, health researchers said that it’s not good to sleep in the morning, it might cause damage to heart. Also, morning it’s a perfect time for studies or learns something. Well, I guess it needed.

  1. Regain my focus

I am a really terrible person for focus. I am well known as slow-thinker-girl and very easy to get a distraction.

  1. Practice Dutch or Turkish every week or free time

Instead of that, I have to practice my English skills besides English is my second language. I still suck at it. I have been learning Turkish for two months in last year. It’ll become superb if I keep it up doing that and continuing for next six months regularly.

  1. Drawing minimum every three weeks

I really love drawing and playing with some colours but in last year, I almost haven’t had some time for that. Instead of drawing, I just watch the movie all the time. It really sucks. I need to doing this to become my behaviour,  improving my hobby to become my skill.

  1. Hiking

This plan was setting on Wanala (Nature Organization). I hope I success for hiking mountain this year.

  1. Earn or saving money also donate it.

This highlight was so difficult, I mean really sometimes I’ve become maniac food and spent my whole money that makes me couldn’t save any money but I hope I can endure and doing this in this year! Also, looked at the past I hardly ever donate my money. Some stuff like “sedekah”.  I should keep donate up in this year. You may familiar with this phrase “ if you give, you would gain too. every time you donate, you were would be given more by God.

  1. Workout every twice a week.

Besides physical practice in Wanala ( Nature Organization), I need to train my body too. it will keep my body habitual with physical practice. It makes my body healthier instead.

  1. Become an optimistic-wise-and happy person!!, like Mabel in gravity falls…..


Yes, that all my resolution for this year, it is a new spirit for start new pages in my new journey, isn’t it? that’s not too much but sceptic enough for me to do all of that HAHA. Have I said something pessimistic words? Bloody hell! Be an optimist, and just do it. Well, let’s see how long I would be holding out.

And  How about you?









it’s a pleasure if you’ll tell about your resolution too. write up in the comment below.